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Master Firearms Instructor & Close Protection Specialist



Bronson is dedicated to providing our students with real world close protection training that prepares them for modern day threats, both seen and unseen, and up to date information on technological advancements that are becoming major concerns for industry professionals including the principals we are there to protect. Our team has over 15 years of experience in the counter terrorism field, and provides the latest in defensive tactics, firearms & weapon proficiency techniques, home & business protection and operational procedures to all levels of executive protection agents and private security professionals.

We understand that the executive protection field is constantly changing and evolving, so we strive to remain on the cutting edge of the industry so that we may adapt to those changes. Our instructors are highly qualified and passionate about what they do, and they are committed to helping our students develop the skills, confidence, and the proactive mindset they will need to succeed in the field.

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Authorized Defensive Tactics - Weapon Retention/Disarm Instructor  recognized by the National Association of Chiefs of Police & Counter Terrorism Instructor by way of  C.R.I. Counter Terrorism Training School 

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Counter Terrorism Training for Close Protection Teams, Private Security Details & Community Protectors

Community Protector training

Bronson Defense is a premier Executive Protection Training organization, dedicated to creating a new breed of "community protectors" across the US. Our courses focus on advanced US & Iraeli combat defensive tactics and techniques for close protection agents. This program is designed to educate those who deem themselves responsible for protecting their communities, to sharpen effectiveness, efficiency, proficiecy, and to instill proactive protector mindsets for all backgrounds and levels of armed and unarmed training. Learn more about our recent projects, see how we're making a difference regarding modern day threats, and learn why many other schools are failing to identify them. Get ready for the Community Protector Training program!

over 15 years of experience in celebrity close protection, providing training top tier military groups, Law enforcement, private military contractors & civilians in the US & abroad

Subjects of Instruction Include but are not limited to:

  • Krav Haganah (Combat Defensive Tactics) features

       Weapon Retention, Disarmament, Multiple Attackers,

       Edged & Improvised Weapons Training

  • Isreali & American Shooting Tactics & Techniques

  • Escaping From Captivity

  • Tactical Driving

  • Tactical Medicine

  • Force on Force / Counter Ambush / CQB

  • Route Planning

  • Radio Operating Procedures

  • Counter Carjacking

  • Private Security Detail (PSD) training features 

        Arrivals & Departures, Formations & Positions                            Advance Work, OSINT, Surveillance & Counter                              Surveillance,

  • Solo Bodyguard 

  • Professional "Limo" Driver

  • Homestead & Business Defense

  • Counter Kidnapping

  • Situational Awareness & O.O.D.A. Loop Training

  • Belt Striking

  • Knife Throwing


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Bronson Defense

Counter Terrorism & Community Protector Training

Conducts remote training across the United States.

"Have Gun Will Travel"

TELEPHONE: 858-252-8747


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